Abstract #1
With a need for more experimentation in my work, I decided to take the dionisic approach and just go with it (as much as you can with stained glass, which requires some planning). I threw down yarn and used that as the basis for the linear qualities in this piece.  25"x 37"
Feed the Body, Feed the Soul
Created for and donated to the Shared Harvest Food Bank, Feed the Body, Feed the Soul art auction. Every dollar raised was used to purchase $10 in food for those with food insecurity.   24" x 36"
Devine Project
These pieces were built on commission for the Devine family's dining room corner cabinets. This work juxtaposes the linear quality of the caming and the more organic quality in the glass patterns. Each piece is 26" x 41"
Picasso Inspiration
This is an appropriation of Picasso's Les Demoiselles d'Avignon. Taking Picasso's image as inspiration, this piece features the female figures in varying hues of green glass and with purple hair. The glass used for the figure in the upper right corner is heavily textured to mimic the paint strokes in the original work.  36" x 36"  
Blue Ridge Parkway
This piece was created after a trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway. With a desire to retain the vastness of the scenery, this piece hangs on our porch (in the city) as a reminder of the beauty of nature outside the city limits and my longing to be in it.  20" x 62"'
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